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Everyone plays a part. Who's going to play yours?


JAKE (Downloadable and DRM free) (88 minutes)

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JAKE (Downloadable and DRM free) (88 minutes)

Commentary with writer/director Doug Dillaman, producer Alastair Tye Samson, and lead actor Jason Fitch

8 minutes of deleted scenes

Behind the scenes

Cinematic trailer

Shooting script

4 short films by Hybrid Motion Pictures, including PARALYSIS (Grand National Finalist, 48Hours competition, 2013) and a loving homage to the masterpiece that is TROLL 2 (48Seconds competition, 2008)


One day, Jacob is recast by a mysterious agency known as The Forge. Now, a fresh, more dynamic actor will be playing the part of “Jake” leaving Jacob to start a new life from scratch.

With help from an electro-shock anklet, Jacob begins his new life while “Jake” takes over his role with aplomb, charming everyone in Jacob’s life as they accept this improved Jacob without question.

But when Jake decides to reunite with Jacob’s lost love Violet, Jacob realises there’s no life he’d rather have than his own. With Jake unwilling to give up his dream part, the fight between Jake and Jacob for the role of a lifetime won’t end without blood being spilled...

Cast & Crew

Jason Fitch


Jason graduated Unitec School of Performing Arts in 2000 and has since been involved in numerous film, television and theatre productions. Among his credits are THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING, SHORTLAND STREET, LIVING THE DREAM, OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, STREET LEGAL and many more.

“I fell in love with JAKE the first time I read it. It's not often you read a script and actually have an instant connection to the story, but that’s what I found with JAKE. The underlying moral in the story of, ‘You always want what you can't have, and when you get it, you find that it wasn’t what you thought it would be’, that struck a chord.”
– Jason Fitch, “Jacob”

Leighton Cardno


Leighton graduated Unitec School of Performing Arts in 1999 and immediately landed the title role in the Auckland Theatre Company's production of THE CRIPPLE OF INNISHMAAN and, later, SERIAL KILLERS. Soon, Leighton was simultaneously cast in two core roles in different TV shows, the Emmy-nominated BEING EVE, and SHORTLAND STREET, where he worked for several years playing two different roles at the same time. He was later cast in Canada’s DA VINCI’S INQUEST. After several years in North America he returned home to work on UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, SEA PATROL, POWER RANGERS and gained a cult following as the quirky journalist Leo in GO GIRLS.

“Originally I was drawn to JAKE because of the unusual concept - the idea that you could see your life being played out by a complete stranger right in front of your eyes seemed bold, challenging, and ultimately engaging. The story is unique and is certainly not something that I’ve come across during my travels as a young actor. I knew from the moment that I read the script that I wanted to be involved with the project because it’s a really cool story that resonates on many levels and makes you think beyond the normal confines of life.”
– Leighton Cardno, “Jake”

Doug Dillaman

Writer, Director, Producer

Doug is a co-founder of Hybrid Motion Pictures. In addition to writing and directing several short films, he has worked as a professional freelance editor for companies including the BBC, South Pacific Pictures, Natural History New Zealand, TVNZ, TV3, Jam, and Two Heads. He has also written several feature film scripts, and is now enrolled in the MA for Creative Writing at the IIML in Wellington as he works on his debut novel. His second feature, GUT INSTINCT, is currently in post-production.

Alastair Tye Samson


As a co-founder of Hybrid Motion Pictures Alastair produced and directed short films, music videos, and web content. After stints with Weta Digital, Waner Brothers NZ, The Gibson Group, and Images&Sound; in 2016 he founded The Finishing Suite — a boutique motion picture finishing facility in Ponsonby. He is known as a fast and meticulous finishing artist with an up-to-date knowledge of technology and a strong creative eye. Alastair's primary focus is creating big production values from limited budgets and resources.

Anoushka Klaus

Producer, Casting Director, “Violet”

Anoushka is an actress whose screen credits include Go Girls, Shortland Street, Nothing Trivial and the telefeature Bloodlines. Her extensive stage experience includes Girl In Tan Boots, F*ck Love, Golden Boys and The Sex Show. She has written, directed and produced six short films and a variety of stage projects. She has worked in a multitude of roles in the film industry, from development to production and post-production. She is passionate about creating dynamic female roles and is currently writing her first feature.

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